Friday, September 2, 2011

Living In Love - 5 Stars

"Living In Love" by James and Betty Robison is a great book. I see James and Betty on television all the time and thought this this book would be a very interesting read, and maybe give some insight on how to build a relationship as strong as theirs appears to be. The book completely delivered! This book is written by both James and Betty, and details their lives, from how they met. It is amazing to read their story, but it was very reassuring to read that even they had challenges that they faced in their relationship and in their personal lives.

What I really enjoyed about this book was that both James and Betty have a voice. James' name prefaces his thoughts, and Betty's name prefaces her thoughts. It's fascinating to be able to hear both of their voices, rather than one voice.

This book offers up wonderful, Biblical advice on relationships and marriage, as well as living our own personal lives for God. I really loved this book, and would recommend it highly. You don't have to be married to get something out of this book - it can be applied to any relationship in your life. Wonderfully written!

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