Saturday, January 18, 2014

The One Year Devotions for Women

Ann Spangler's devotional "The One Year Devotions for Women" is a book of devotions that are designed specifically for the female spectrum. With a subtitle of "Becoming a Woman at Peace", the devotions revolve around the central theme of peaceful living, finding peace, and living a faith-filled life. This devotion would make a wonderful gift for the special woman in your life - mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, or pastor. Most women are in a state of constantly moving, whether it is in their career, with their husbands or children, or in other endeavors, so this devotional helps focus in on wonderful short messages to keep God in your daily life.

The devotions are short, and can easily be read in under ten minutes. The messages are made for daily reading, for an entire year, and offer a verse from the Bible, a short message about the verse, and a prayer that you can pray at the end of the reading. The length of the devotion is completely manageable, as each one is only one page. This can easily be read with your morning coffee, on your lunch break, or before bed.

I think that this devotional is wonderful. I really think that the topic of peace in a devotional designed for women is a perfect match. This devotional forced me to take five minutes out of my day and allowed me to meditate on something more important than the dirty dishes, cranky children, or bills that came in the mail. It's a great way to really refocus your day and refresh your spirit. I would recommend this to any of the women in my life.

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for an honest review.