Wednesday, September 7, 2011

America: The Last Best Hope Vol. 3 - 5 Stars

I have already shared my admiration for the work of William Bennett, so needless to say that I had to get my hands on the third and final installment in his "America: The Last Best Hope" series. These books were written in installments, and meant to be a sort of concise history of America. The third book is the history of the election of 1988 through the present times, and includes the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal and impeachment, through the 2001 Trade Center tragedy.

I found this book to be extremely easy to read, and loved the simplicity with which Bennett writes about our history. He doesn't over complicate it for the sake of sounding smart. This is the kind of history book that every American could easily pick up and read. I think it is important for us to have an unbiased understanding of our history, and Bennett gives us just that. Great book.

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