Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner With A Perfect Stranger - 5 Stars

"Dinner With A Perfect Stranger" by David Gregory is a different kind of book. This is a short story of a man who is invited to dinner by Jesus of Nazareth. Thinking it is a practical joke of some kind, he goes to the location at the date and time on the invitation he received, only to meet a man who seems to know every detail of his life.

I found this book to be absolutely amazing. I loved the conversations between Jesus and Nick - they discuss religion, and not just Christianity, but briefly touch on the differences in religions. I thought that this was a very careful, well written story. Gregory doesn't go overboard in putting words into the mouth of his portrayal of Jesus, and the storyline itself is convincing.

I really enjoyed this book, and felt like it portrayed the kind of relationship that we yearn to have with Jesus. A relationship where we can talk to him, and feel that connection of a friendship. 

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