Monday, July 18, 2011

Same Life, New Story - 4 Stars

"Same Life, New Story" follows influential and admirable women in the Bible through their journey. Written by Jan Silvious, this book tells the stories of some of the Bible's most loved female figures. I found it fascinating to read the stories of these women, and really put into perspective the choices they made, and the risks that they took in order to do what they believe God had called them to do. Some of the stories covered in this book are: Ruth, Rachel, and Rahab.

Jan Silvious tries to tie in some practical stories that are related to the theme of creating a new story for ourselves, the way that these Biblical figures created new chapters in their lives. I appreciated the theme, but thought that the way these stories were placed - right in the middle of Biblical references to the featured woman were a little distracting. I thought that the Biblical writings and references were fascinating, but it felt like the personal stories Silvious was trying to share were just a distraction.

Also, the chapters themselves are a little bit long, so it isn't like a devotional, where it will easily fit one chapter into your day.

Overall, I liked the premise of the book, and loved the Biblical women and their stories. But I could have done without the interjecting personal stories in the middle of the Bible stories.

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