Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heaven Is For Real For Kids (Children's) - 4 Stars

"Heaven Is For Real For Kids" is a cute children's book, detailing some of the things that Colton saw when he visited Heaven. Although some of the things that Colton tells about are not 100% as the Bible may describe, I still thought the basic premise of the book was cute. It helps teach kids about Heaven, in a way that isn't scary. I thought the illustrations were beautiful and very colorful, as well. I think that this book would be a great read for a young child, as it is simple to read, uses kid-friendly language, and isn't the least bit scary. 

This book is a good introduction to what Heaven is, and who lives in Heaven, etc., for children. Would make a wonderful gift for a child anywhere from age 3 and up. 

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