Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book of Man - 5 Stars

"Book of Man" by William Bennett is a compilation of stories about exceptional men. This book has many different chapters, that make it easy to look up a story by the subject - it is broke into "men at work", "men at play", "men in prayer" and many others. This would be a great gift for a young man, heading into adulthood as there are so many wonderful examples of strong, faithful, courageous men throughout the stories in this book. I think that Bennett really picked the best of the best as far as male role models to go into this book.

I would recommend this as a gift for a high school or college graduate that is headed on the path to manhood, as a reminder of what a man should strive to be. Wonderfully written, as usual, by William Bennett. Absolutely loved this one, and you will too! 

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